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IllustrationLadies is a Creative Network for professional female and non-binary illustrators based in Berlin. 

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vinyl sticker with red and white bird
vinyl sticker with red and white bird

Get to know the ladies behind this pack

We organize events with a focus on community building and aim to create a support system that helps navigating the challenges of working in creative industries.

Viktoria Cichoń

@vikunia_illustration Pixie Dust Sticker

Illustrator based in Germany who loves drawing humans in bold colors inspired by life in the big city.


María Victoria Rodriguez

@mvictoria.rodriguez Holographic Sticker

Victoria is a freelance illustrator and animator from Argentina. She has experience working with different publishers and clients in the fields of illustration, animation and comics. Her work is generally linked to activist issues but it also focuses on the issues of everyday life and relationships. She's based in Berlin since 2019 and her work can be found in magazines, books, posters, social media and more.

Bárbara Fonseca Holographic Sticker

Bárbara is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer, known for her bright colors, dynamic shapes and bold designs. When not drawing, she is learning about the history of women in art, enjoying nature and connecting with other fellow creatives.


Elena Resko

@elenaresko Clear Sticker

Elena is a Berlin-based illustrator and coffee drinker. Always bright, colorful and occasionally blooming, her work brings positivity and hope even while exploring complex themes.

Julia Praschma

@julia.praschma Holographic Sticker

Illustrator & Designer. Lover of vibrant colour schemes and wild compositions. Spreading good vibes is her profession.

Kamilla Nafikova

@nkdoingstuff Holographic Sticker

Kamilla is a versatile illustrator, animator, and graphic designer based in Berlin. Her work features playful characters, bold colour combinations, and expressive lines.

Júlia Mota Albuquerque

@landofjulia Holographic Sticker

Júlia is a Brazilian artist based in Berlin. Her work ranges from digital illustrations for branding and publications to large scale murals. She especially love working with projects along the themes of diversity, inclusion and ones that deal with the public space, creating community through accessible art.

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