Meistgelikte Aufkleber
2023 Sticker Pack

Im Jahr 2023 kam die Wahrheit heraus. Im vergangenen Jahr habt ihr wirklich Aufkleber geliebt, die genau das ausdrückten, was euch durch den Kopf ging. Jetzt, da das Jahr 2023 zu Ende ist, ist es an der Zeit, sich das diesjährige 'Mistgelikte Aufkleber' Paket zu besorgen, das 'Ungefilterte Gedanken' enthält.

Aufkleber Sind
Lauter Als Worte

Wenn du wirklich nicht sagen möchtest, was dir durch den Kopf geht, kommen dir diese Aufkleber zur Hilfe. Schnapp dir dieses Paket, solange es für eine begrenzte Zeit verfügbar ist! Bevor 2023 zu weit in die ferne Vergangenheit verblasst...

Treffe die Künstler

Wir haben unsere zusammenarbeitenden Künstler, die diese meistgelikten Aufkleber erstellt haben, einige Fragen gestellt, um die tiefere Bedeutung hinter ihren ungefilterten Gedanken zu verstehen...

A can in Brushed aluminum die cut sticker.

Tell us about this sticker Colleen, did you design it for someone special?

Nope, no one in particular. But I keep stickers in my back pocket, ready to hand them out if need be.

@coll.kell | Gedruckt auf gebürsteten Aluminium
A holographic Im full of rage die cut sticker.

So Maddy, are you raging over anything specific in life?

My rage isn't any one thing. It is more so the collective slights and minor inconveniences over a lifetime accumulating :)

@maddywilsonart | Gedruckt auf Holo
Transparent sticker with a pickle.

Taylor, what truly tickles your pickle?

Nothing tickles my pickle more than parallel parking like a boss on the first go

@tay_dux | Gedruckt auf Transparent
A happy pill sticker, printed on matt holographic.

Ella, what is your best happy pill?

My happy pill is my ability to spread positivity and creativity in any way that I can. To make someone smile and provide a sense of comfort is my sole purpose on this earth as we are all just trying to make the most out of what we have!

@ellazartist | Gedruckt auf mattem Holo
Transparent sticker tells you that you don't suck.

Tyler, is this your go-to inspirational quote?

It definitely helps to remind myself what I’ve done and how far I’ve come. Self doubt can be detrimental for artist, so I wanted to create a reminder to keep moving, keep creating!

@thecreativepain | Gedruckt auf Transparent
Didn't quit my job today mirror sticker.

Kei, million dollar question: have you quit your job since the creation of this sticker?

I actually have not quit my job since this sticker. It has kept me going 😂

@ghoulcatstudio | Gedruckt auf Spiegel
Bad bitch juice matte mirror sticker.

Fae, is it possible that this sticker is based on yourself?

In a way, yes! Bad Bitch Juice was the first one made of the three juice boxes, and I was thinking of all my badass girl friends who helped me throughout school and made me the person I am today.

@msfaeriearts | Gedruckt auf mattem Spiegel
White vinyl sticker shut ur fucking mouth.

Are you venting this thought enough, Fanny, or are you holding back?

I often think so, but I don't say it. My mother would kill me if I did.

@thyfannie | Gedruckt auf Vinyl
A shit show pixie dust die cut sticker.

Tell us more about the shit show Erin, what's it about?

Life really is a constant shit show, amiright?? All we can do is buckle up, hang on tight, and do our best to enjoy the ride!

@605vibes | Gedruckt auf Pixie Dust
Sticker printed on matte vinyl with a ghost of old fucks.

Is this sticker based on a true story, Holly?

I was doodling ideas for a Victorian tea event and channeled this. I think we all can relate.

@cholly_pierson_art | Gedruckt auf mattem Vinyl
Matte mirror sticker No can do.

Are you typically a "No can do" or a "Yes Man", Adam?

I’m not much of a “Yes Man”, but I’m definitely more ‘Yeah Might Do’ rather than ’No Can Do’.

@mrahayes | Gedruckt auf mattem Spiegel
Raw thoughts sticker printed on mirror.

What are your thoughts behind this loaded plate?

I'm the quiet type, but my thoughts are constantly on fire. And of course, my world is kind of simple, black and white but still filled with lines in every direction.

@creativewannabes | Gedruckt auf Spiegel